The Green Bicycle Letters

Rex v Light 1920

True Crime: The Green Bicycle Mystery
Rex v Light 1920
 An Unsolved Murder outside a Leicestershire Village 

The Green Bicycle Letters Bella, the Bobby and the Bicycle

Late on a Saturday evening in July 1919, a young woman was shot, dying instantly, on a quiet country lane in Leicestershire, England, while cycling home. A man seen riding with her earlier in the evening was tried for her murder, but was acquitted.

The incident became widely known as the Green Bicycle case, and is sometimes referred to as a murder, though this charge has never been proven.The first police officer on the scene, P.C. Alfred Hall, who found the bullet believed to have killed the victim, took a great interest in the case, and a number of letters he wrote concerning the events have recently come to light. In them, he declares that the truth of the case had not been told.

These letters, and the context in which they were written, provide new insights into the mystery, and as potential primary source material, undoubtedly deserve close scrutiny. Their content and implications are discussed in this work.


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