Maps, Mystery and Interpretation

1. The Maps: In Search of Skeleton Island

The Oak island Treasure Map Hypothesis
Maps, Mystery and Interpretation
 On Treasure Maps, Captain Kidd, and a 200 year-old Treasure Hunt 

When the Stones Talk Back The Search for Skeleton Island

What secrets lie concealed by six mysterious and cryptic maps that came to light some eighty years ago? Where is the island depicted on these charts? Are the charts genuine, and could they truly reveal the location of a buried treasure, perhaps even that of the pirate William Kidd? Some people think so. In this, the first of three books, the reader is provided with details and analysis of:

- The discovery of maps linked to Captain Kidd
- Captain Kidd's last voyage
- Attempts to locate Kidd's treasure
- Other treasure map discoveries
- And much more ...

The author has spent some thirty years researching the history and content of these maps, a quest that has touched four continents. In this series, he reveals the results of that search and presents a possible key that might unlock one of the greatest treasure mysteries of the age.


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