The Oak Island Concealment

Seeing Beyond the Money Pit


The Oak Island Treasure Map Hypothesis
 On Treasure Maps and a 200 year-old Treasure Hunt 

The Oak Island Concealment An Oak Island Reconstruction

In these rational times, common sense might dictate that it would be rash to spend the greater part of one's life and wealth in search of buried treasure - yet, there are some who have done so. It might seem an even greater folly to pursue such a dream based on the supposed existence of so-called treasure maps - yet some are convinced that this is a reasonable basis for action.

For some two hundred years, a long list of hopefuls have poured their wealth, their hearts and their souls into the quest for a treasure reputedly buried on Oak Island, Nova Scotia. The focus of attention has been a deep shaft, long ago dubbed the Money Pit, that has defied all attempts to expose the wealth believed by many to lie in its depths.

Could the Money Pit be a trap to snare the unwary? Might it not be more reasonable to suppose that any treasure on Oak Island lies somewhere else on the island and, even, that a set of cryptic treasure maps, which many consider bogus, were actually created in order to locate it? In this book, the author reveals hitherto unpublished information, and presents a scenario that demonstrates this could have been possible.

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