Stone Circle Design and Measurement: Standard Units and Complex Geometries

1. Exploring the Ground

Stone Circles and Megalithic Measurement: The Meg-X Hypothesis
 Stone Circle Design and Measurement: Standard Units and Complex Geometries 
A New Look at the Intellectuality of Megalithic Ritual Architecture


Stone Circle Design Cover Archaeology or Pseudoarchaeology?

The search for a uniform megalithic unit of measure, claimed by some to be present in stone circles across Great Britain and Ireland, has interested students of prehistory since the days of the early antiquarians, but has proved unpopular with archaeologists in the present day. Indeed, the topic has been firmly purged from archaeology's purview, and the discipline is content to see the notion promoted solely by 'extremists' on what leading archaeologists once termed its 'lunatic' fringe, now simply pseudoarchaeology.

This work offers a new look at the topic. It is not expected to convince archaeologists - who have no time for such fringe notions. Instead, the hope is it might appeal to a host of stone circle enthusiasts, if not researchers on archaeology's fringe, and add a new dimension to their appreciation of these enigmatic monuments.

This, the first of two books, presents the background to the study. While challenging archaeology's stand on fringe lunacy, it illustrates a number of ways in which investigation into the possibility of a uniform megalithic system of measurement might be further developed by fringe researchers - who, it seems, are the only people with any interest in so doing.

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