Oak Island: The Treasure Maps Explained

Treasure Maps and

The Oak Island Geometry

Five Treasure Maps Identify Points in a Pattern

Seven Map Points

The Eastern Geometry

The eastern Geometry

The Angle of Magnetic Variation (Tunnelling)

Magnetic Variation

The Maps and the Geometry

Formula for Map Instructions
1. Define Three Points
From the Rocks, Money Pit and Triangles
 2. Locate the Centre of the Triangle Thus Formed 
3. Take an Offset
If a Unit is Specified in 'a By b By c'
Then Offset = a + b + ac

The Coral Island Map

Coral Island Map


Coral Island Map A

Coral Island Map B

Coral Island Map C

The Skeleton Island Map

Skeleton Island Map


Skeleton Island Map A

V.R. and Lat-Long 9.16 N ÷ 31.36 E

Skeleton Island Map B

Skeleton Island Map C

Skeleton Island Map D

The Desert Island Map (1)

(aka The Westhaver Map)

Desert Island Map 1


Desert Island Map 1A

Desert Island Map 1B

The Desert Island Map (2)

Desert Island Map 2


Desert Island Map 2A

Desert Island Map 2B

The Captain Flood Map

Captain Flood Map


Flood Map

The Cave-In Pit

The Cave-In Pit

The Map Points

The Map Points

The Rhombus Points and Variance

OI Rhombus on Magnetic

The Island to Which the Maps Apply

As Published by Harold T. Wilkins in 1935

John S Map

Identification: Oak Island from Des Barres' Atlantic Neptune

Gloucester Isle

Outline of Reconstructed Island Plan

reconstructed plan

Maps, Mystery and Interpretation

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