Maps, Mystery and Interpretation


In 1988, I embarked on a project to write three books on various aspects of the Oak Island mystery. Over time, I found that other books were being published that mirrored my own research and I was thus forced to modify parts of the work, and to restructure. In addition, certain aspects of the enquiry came to a halt through lack of response to requests for information to assist in my research.

Following some publishing and health problems, I decided to call it a day, and to make the majority of the work freely available on the internet, apart from some ongoing lines of research. The web site reflected the original plan for the three books in a series called Maps, Mystery and Imagination, published privately in 2002 with the titles:

1.  The Maps: In Search of Skeleton Island
2.  The Mystery: Oak Island Perspectives
3. Imagination: Sizing Up the Money Pit

This web site presents a summary of the third book.

Postscript (2013): The three books have now been published as Maps, Mystery and Interpretation, and are available through Amazon:

The Oak island Treasure Map Hypothesis
Maps, Mystery and Interpretation
On Treasure Maps, Captain Kidd, and a 200 year-old Treasure Hunt
 Vol 1.    In Search of Skeleton Island     View/Buy at Amazon UK     View/Buy at Amazon US  
 Vol 2.    Oak Island Speculation     View/Buy at Amazon UK     View/Buy at Amazon US  
 Vol 3.    Sizing Up the Money Pit     View/Buy at Amazon UK     View/Buy at Amazon US  

I may update the site later, but I have moved on to other things - different fields of inquiry, and other books! Thank you for your interest, and I hope you enjoy the site.