Maps, Mystery and Interpretation

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Maps and the Oak Island Geometry

The first section presents an outline bibliography providing background to the work presented on this site. For other books on the Oak Island mystery, please see below.

Wilkins, Harold T. Captain Kidd and His Skeleton Island Cassell, London,1935  
- A Modern Treasure Hunter C & J Temple Ltd., London, 1948  
Edmunds, George Kidd: The Search for his Treasure The Pentland Press, 1996 1-85821-357-6
Furneaux, Rupert The Money Pit Mystery Tom Stacey, 1972  
Crooker, William S Oak Island Gold Nimbus Publishing Limited, 1993 1-55109-049-X
Harris, Graham and MacPhie, Les Oak Island and its Lost Treasure Formac Publishing Company Limited, 1999 0-88780-492-6
Johnson, Laverne Revealed: The Secret of Oak Island (Private Printing) Vancouver, 1991 0 9695 199 0 7

Johnson's book is rare, but fortunately has been published on the Internet. See: Revealed: The Secrets of Oak Island/

Graham Harris's work on Captain Kidd and the treasure maps is Treasure and Intrigue: The Legacy of Captain Kidd (Dundurn Press, 2002.)

Oak Island Operations and Theories of Origin

The most recent book by D'Arcy O'Connor on Oak Island presents a balanced view from an author closely connected with the island, its history, and those operating on it

O'Connor, D'Arcy The Secret Treasure of Oak Island The Lyons Press, 2004 1-59228-279-2

I single out two of the early books on the mystery that the really keen should get hold of.

 Harris, RV The Oak Island Mystery The Ryerson Press, Second Edition, 1967  
O'Connor, D'Arcy The Big Dig Ballantine Books, 1988 0-345-35558-X

The O'Connor title is an updated paperback version of an earlier work, The Money Pit (Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, Inc., 1978)

One of the early works, by T.P. Leary, which was privately published in 1953, is now available as an ebook from Amazon.

William S. Crooker's Oak Island Quest is an interesting work from 1978 that has run into several editions (the latest I have is Lancelot Press, 9th printing, March 1995, ISBN 0-88999-078-6.) However, I highly recommend his later work, listed in the first section.

Some much briefer works have been published:

Evans, Millie & Mullen, Eric Oak Island: The World's Greatest Treasure Hunt Four East Publications Ltd., 1984 0-920427-01-4>
Marcil, Claude & Paul, Francoise Oak Island, L'Ile au Tresor Editions JCL, 1989 2-920176-62-5
Evans, Millie Oak Island: The Unsolved Mystery Four East Publications, 1993 0-92047-39-1

The Marcil / Paul book is a good, light, summary - if you can read French.

Emphasis then shifted to what may be termed Masonic, Templar, Rosslyn and Priory of Sion modes. It may already have been appreciated that I tend to the first. Mark Finnan produced the first significant work in this field.

Finnan, Mark Oak Island Secrets Formac Publishing, 1995 0-88780-312-1
Fanthorpe, Lionel & Patricia The Oak Island Mystery Hounslow Press, 1995 0-88882-170-0
Sora, Steven The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar: Solving the Oak Island Mystery Destiny Books, 1999 0-89281-710-0

I have to say, I was disappointed that Sora's book was not more pointedly related to the Oak Island quest.

Similar books have been published since, more or less expanding on these same themes. If you're interested in exploring this area, purely for some background, I recommend Michael Bradley's Holy Grail Across the Atlantic (Hounslow Press, 1988, ISBN  0-88882-100-X). There is also widespread Internet coverage.