The Megalithic Yard: A Consequence of Circumferential Distribution?

Implications for Stonehenge

The Aubrey Ring

On the preceding basis, given that the English Heritage computerised assessment of the diameter of the Aubrey Ring is correct at 87.05m (Cleal et al.) the gaps would each subtend an arc of 30 peripheral units if equally spaced.
Sarsen Circle

The Sarsen Circle at Northeast.
The Sarsen Circle

Thence, the Sarsen Circle lintels would have an inner curve of 60 corresponding diametric units and an outer curve of 64 (at 16 diametric units to the Megalithic Yard). Thus, the inner circumference of the Sarsen Circle would be 112.5MY and the outer 120MY (Figure 14).
Sarsen Circle Dimensions

Figure 14: Sarsen Circle: Potential Dimensions.
The Trilithon Panel

The incised panel on Trilithon 57 at 45 inches, if megalithic in origin, would measure at the same time 22 diametric units and 7 perimetric units, perhaps as a celebration of π.

The Ditch and Bank

Petrie’s Stonehenge unit of 224.8 ± 0.1 inches at the ditch and bank would be five times the panel width at 35 perimetric units. This might argue that the ditch and bank are measured in the perimetric unit and the factor of seven (viz. 56 holes) at the Aubrey Ring might continue up to the Heel Stone. The circumference of the Aubrey Ring would be 48 Petrie units.

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